Producer Crysis 3 and Ryse Officially Leave Crytek!

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Movement of silence that actually led to more question marks and uncertainty, Crytek still continue to refuse to comment on their financial condition that continues to be the center of attention. How come? Although they try to impress the condition that they are fine, the information that is scattered in cyberspace continues to show a very contradictory status. Inability to pay salaries, employees who start to move to other developers, and some big projects that are threatened to cancel, all indicate the same thing. Unfortunately, this bad news never ends.

Crytek has been left behind by many geniuses behind him. After the departure of Hasit Zala and Ben Harris from Homefront’s main development team: The Revolution, as well as Tiago Sousa in charge of CryEngine, Crytek now has to deal with the departure of Mike Read – the producer who handles Crysis 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome. This confirmation of resignation comes out of Mike Read’s LinkedIn profile. Read also confessed that he actually has so many ideas to apply to Crysis 3 in the past, especially on the gameplay side. Unfortunately, he himself did not explain much about what kind of dragon ball z dokkan battle gameplay innovation did not get implemented.

And like the news of the resignation of the important man before, Crytek himself also did not issue a response or official attitude from the release of this Mike Read, let alone remember his position as an important person behind the birth of Crysis 3 and free dragon stone  dokkan battle . Still not gonna talk huh, Crytek?

Xbox One Controller Official Driver for PC Released

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Good news for those of you who want to use Xbox One controller to play games on PC. This is revealed by the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, or better known as the gamertag “Major Nelson”.

In his blog, Major Nelson explained that a driver for Windows that allows the Xbox One controller to be used on PC is readily available.

The plan of the driver will come together as part of Windows Update in the future. Even so, for you who can not wait to taste it can directly download the driver separately in and you can playing Mobile Legends.

The way is easy and simple. You simply download and install the driver, then connect the Xbox One controller to the PC via micro USB cable. After that, your Xbox One controller can be used for all games that have supported the use of the Xbox 360 gamepad.

As is known controller Xbox One offers some improvement compared to Xbox 360 controller. Some of them are on D-pad, better battery compartment, and design that claimed make it more comfortable when used you can download Mobile legends hack here .

Shadow of Mordor & Madden Mobile Show New Gameplay Trailer

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A world without boundaries with so many story gaps to be utilized, a universe built by J.R.R. Tolkien is one of the best fantasy worlds in the fictional world. The epic story that brings together races, big wars, and interests is projected in so many creative projects, including video games and movies. The success of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit inspired more similar projects, including the latest from Monolith Productions – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. With a taste of action and the unique variety of mechanics on offer, Madden Mobile is one of the most anticipated projects of the year. The latest trailer that he released increasingly reinforce the image.

After focusing on the introduction of the unique Nemesis system, Madden Mobile hacks  comes with extra information related to Runes and Weapons systems through the latest trailer. With three main weapons used by Talion – the main character, you have the opportunity to inject Runes to produce special effects that will help in the fight. Rare runes can also be obtained by killing enemy troop leaders or combining them to produce unique buffs. This trailer also shows more action sides with so much animated pampering motion.

Namco Bandai So Game Strongest Companies in Japan

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Japan is one of the most important mecca of gaming industry, the fact that this one is indisputable. Apart from the countless tastes gamernya unique when compared to the tastes of gamers in other parts of the world, Japan is the “home” of so many actors behind industry giants in the game itself. We’re not just talking about a giant class developers Square Enix, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Atlus, or Capcom, but also manufacturers its own gaming platform that has become the center of growth of the gaming industry – Sony and GTA 5 . Properly businesses in other sectors, the struggle to survive in the competition of course is not an easy matter. But always, there was one who proved themselves to be the strongest.

Japanese economic magazine – Toyo Keizai finally released a list of companies ranked the largest and strongest in Japan, which is not only calculated on the amount of assets, but also growth, profits that they generate, business security, and of course the scale of the impact they have. Of all the gaming company based in Japan, GTA 5 is set as the company’s most healthy and most powerful. While other forces managed to perform outstanding last year – Nintendo now be satisfied entrenched in the bottom position because of financial problems being twisted. So who will be the top 10 strongest gaming company in Japan? This is it:

Namco Bandai
Nihon Falcom
Marvelous AQL
Tecmo Koei

Had never heard the name before Broccoli and Nihon Falcom? Both small game companies have topped the top three for profitable growth that consistently occur, while ensuring the investments remain secure in their hands and get

So, congratulations to Namco Bandai. For Nintendo? We do not want to lose you, so please, keep fightning!

Emerging evidence GTA V PC Start Seen!

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Most of you must include gamers who are looking forward in the presence of Grand Theft Auto V on PC. If so, maybe the expectations you begin to get a bright spot.

More recently, a record that contains 150 pages bug reports leaked and revealed to the public. Interestingly, hundreds of bug reports in the note leads to the PC version of GTA V!

Report a bug occurs when the times of testing GTA V, ie between April 2009 and August 2013. Events leading to own the PC version was recorded in June 2012. The same sources also mention support for DX11 and a few other things that are identical to the PC platform ,
Signs of the presence of GTA V  money hack – Unlimited RP for Download PC began to strengthen with the bug report found.

Hopefully the bug is leaked report is a good sign, while ensuring Rockstar really make GTA V PC version, not just a port. Please also note that on January 13 last, Thiago Diniz as officials from Nuveem (digital retailers Brazilian), claiming GTA V PC version will be released on March 12, 2014. However, it should be remembered, Rockstar itself has not given any release announcement.

A number of signs that appear certainly make those who signed the petition smiling. Until now, the support collected on the petition has exceeded 650 thousand. Are you one among 650 thousand of that?

Capcom: No Monster Hunter 4 for PS Vita

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The eyes of today’s gamers may currently be on the hot competition between Xbox One and Playstation 4 are echoed strongly in the gaming industry lately. Sony today admittedly superior to the Playstation 4, not only from the support players were clearly visible in the various communities, but also official recognition of foreign media that make it the best console in the event Gamescom 2013 ago. Unfortunately, this performance is not seen is not followed by the handheld – PS Vita is increasingly worse under the pressure of the Nintendo 3DS. Hope to get back the rights to franchise the past they were superb – Monster Hunter also increasingly nil. Capcom released a statement that would make many gamers PS Vita despair and visit  gamezhacktool .

Lacking the support of exclusive games is the biggest problem PS Vita, makes the level of sales continued to weaken. The gamers also miss the return of several classic series that had survived on Sony platforms, including one – Monster Hunter, let alone welcome the latest series – Monster Hunter 4. Unfortunately, this hope had died prematurely. Haruhiro Tsujimoto – Chief Operating Capcom confirms that Monster Hunter 4 will still be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS without any plan to slide into the PS Vita. Capcom current mission is simple, to make sure as many gamers Nintendo 3DS play this game.
Apart from a variety of rumors that had spread from the beginning of the year, Capcom finally confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 will still be released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. There are no plans to bring it to the PS Vita.

Monster Hunter 4 will be launched exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on 14 September 2013 for the Japanese market. Capcom has not yet confirmed whether the game will go through the process of translation and released outside Japan region. One thing for sure, another win for the Nintendo 3DS!

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

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The annual fight that is never absent, EA and Activision will re-launch their best FPS weapons to fight the end of 2013. Each comes with a new visualization engine and more capable, strengthen DICE Battlefield 4 with extent of the destruction is massive, while Infinity Ward created a new world in Marvel Contest of Champions: Ghosts with a new gameplay mechanic that focuses on the figure Riley – the dog. Competition is increasingly hot with a myriad of marketing materials promoted by the publisher to ensure themselves to attract the attention of gamers optimally. From the point of Infinity Ward, a competition like this would be seen as something positive. Battlefield is like a booster rocket.

This comment was launched by the executive producer of Infinity Ward – Mark Rubin. While acknowledging that the Marvel Contest of Champions android and Battlefield marketing content often show impressive content hostility, Rubin assured that the atmosphere is much more friendly at the developer level. Rubin explained that the developer did not hesitate to give high appreciation to the products of competitors who managed to inject a cool feature, and also become the inspiration to move forward and ensure quality to remain competitive in their own game. This relationship is reflected in the Marvel Contest of Champions and Battlefield during this time. Rather than hostile, Rubin actually see the two entities is not unlike the two main driving wheels moving to a common purpose.
Although it looks hostile surface, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin of actually see the Battlefield as a source of positive energy for Marvel Contest of Champions and helped build this franchise better.

Marvel Contest of Champions will be released on November 5, 2013 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and Nintendo Wii U. While the Battlefield 4 will be launched early – October 29, 2013 for the Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360.
So for you fans of FPS games who want the thrill of war is more “real”, Arma always be an alternative that should not be missed.

Madden Mobile Be Released

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The process of development is beginning to feel belarut-soluble, trips to visualize one of the best war simulation game in the gaming industry – Madden Mobile is not an easy job. The developer – Bohemia Interactive even have to deal with thorny legal issues after two developer was charged with spying on the Greek secret military installation. Despite these problems eventually terlesaikan well, but the legal process itself does hold various progress Bohemia to finish Madden Mobile is pursued deadline. Confirming the certainty that the game is still to be released before the end of the year, Bohemia turns to sacrifice one important feature to be able to reach the deadline on this one. No kidding, they were forced to nullify the campaign mode madden mobile cheats ios.

“After talking about the focus on the quality throughout the year, it would be unfair if we start having to sacrifice this aspect solely to speed up the release of Madden Mobile”, said Joris-Jan Van Land explained the decision behind negate the campaign mode in the initial release of this game later , Nevertheless, it remains to be strengthened by more than nine multiplayer scenarios, 12 single player missions, 10 challenge missions, 20 vehicles, 30 types of weapons, the freedom to do the mod, to the two main islands – Atlis and Stratis to be explored. You feel this is not enough to cover the absence of the campaign mode? Relax, this will only be a small delay.
To assure himself meet deadlines an existing release, Bohemia decided to abolish the campaign mode in the initial release Madden Mobile. The Campaign mode will be injected as a free DLC in various episodes after release.

Although not able to release it in the campaign mode of release, Bohemia Interactive still run its commitment to inject a little side story and background in Madden Mobile. The campaign mode will be offered as a free DLC that will be distributed after the initial release. Campaign Mode will be divided into three DLC. New Bohemia confirmed the presence of “Survive” which will be launched one month after the release Madden Mobile and “Adapt and Win” a few months later. Unfortunately, there is no definite release date until today.

Site FIFA 17 surfaced

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“Valve can never be counted up the number 3”, most gamers would often hear jokes on this one. Although the sound is like an insult, but this sentence is very represent Valve current condition. How come? When a developer and publisher of another competitor has completed several franchise trilogy, Valve seemed reluctant to push its flagship games to the number 3. Half Life 2, Portal 2 and FIFA 17 coin hack tool is the most tangible evidence. Expectations continue to arise even grew into a legend, that one gamer will be a real witness of the number “3” that came from the mouth of Valve itself. A hope that this time may be in sight.

Surprisingly a prominent site in the virtual world – showing the words “FIFA 17” clearly as the main theme, including in the domain itself. Not just the writing, the site also includes time continues to count down, which is believed to be heading to Gamescom 2013 event. Does this mean we will see FIFA 17 within the next month for the first time? Unfortunately, the site is not “sweet” imaginable.

Apart from the design that may be attractive to any gamer who see it, there are some peculiarities that accompanies this one site. Firstly, it took the Russian domain – which of course does not have a strong relationship with Valve altogether. Second, although it contains a range of official logos and engine Valve Source 2, Valve has yet to confirm any related websites to this one. Although not rule out the possibility that these sites are genuine, but a variety of evidence substantiates indication that this site is a fraud.

So gamers beware! Make sure you do not pre-order anything that uses the name “FIFA 17” in it, at least until Valve itself opened his mouth and issued official confirmation. It’s an evil joke!

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Reviews

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It is difficult not to associate the name Ubisoft open world with its flagship franchise – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Annual Franchise that this is indeed a matter of primary exploitation and of course – the best source of money for this French publisher. Telling the great battle between the Assassins and the Templars were wrapped with a charming historical modification, this series continues to sell well in the market with high anticipation among gamers. Carrying the appeal of sea battles and pirate theme in the next series, Ubisoft was not only preparing for Black Flag. The CEO – Yves Guillemot confirmed at least three new series Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle.

Recognizing its status as an annual franchise makes the potential to fall into a boring game, Guillemot assured that Ubisoft is committed to ensuring Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle still present fresh and innovative within every 2-3 years. They even ask each team to try to handle the different possibilities that are at risk. Not only that, Guillemot also confirmed that Ubisoft is developing, not just one, but three new games Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Unfortunately he did not give any details related to this information.