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Namco Bandai So Game Strongest Companies in Japan

Posted On Mar 22 2017 by

Japan is one of the most important mecca of gaming industry, the fact that this one is indisputable. Apart from the countless tastes gamernya unique when compared to the tastes of gamers in other parts of the world, Japan is the “home” of so many actors behind industry giants in the game itself. We’re not just talking about a giant class developers Square Enix, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Atlus, or Capcom, but also manufacturers its own gaming platform that has become the center of growth of the gaming industry – Sony and GTA 5 . Properly businesses in other sectors, …

Emerging evidence GTA V PC Start Seen!

Posted On Mar 22 2017 by

Most of you must include gamers who are looking forward in the presence of Grand Theft Auto V on PC. If so, maybe the expectations you begin to get a bright spot. More recently, a record that contains 150 pages bug reports leaked and revealed to the public. Interestingly, hundreds of bug reports in the note leads to the PC version of GTA V! Report a bug occurs when the times of testing GTA V, ie between April 2009 and August 2013. Events leading to own the PC version was recorded in June 2012. The same sources also mention support …

Capcom: No Monster Hunter 4 for PS Vita

Posted On Feb 24 2017 by

The eyes of today’s gamers may currently be on the hot competition between Xbox One and Playstation 4 are echoed strongly in the gaming industry lately. Sony today admittedly superior to the Playstation 4, not only from the support players were clearly visible in the various communities, but also official recognition of foreign media that make it the best console in the event Gamescom 2013 ago. Unfortunately, this performance is not seen is not followed by the handheld – PS Vita is increasingly worse under the pressure of the Nintendo 3DS. Hope to get back the rights to franchise the …

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

Posted On Feb 20 2017 by

The annual fight that is never absent, EA and Activision will re-launch their best FPS weapons to fight the end of 2013. Each comes with a new visualization engine and more capable, strengthen DICE Battlefield 4 with extent of the destruction is massive, while Infinity Ward created a new world in Marvel Contest of Champions: Ghosts with a new gameplay mechanic that focuses on the figure Riley – the dog. Competition is increasingly hot with a myriad of marketing materials promoted by the publisher to ensure themselves to attract the attention of gamers optimally. From the point of Infinity Ward, …

Madden Mobile Be Released

Posted On Feb 20 2017 by

The process of development is beginning to feel belarut-soluble, trips to visualize one of the best war simulation game in the gaming industry – Madden Mobile is not an easy job. The developer – Bohemia Interactive even have to deal with thorny legal issues after two developer was charged with spying on the Greek secret military installation. Despite these problems eventually terlesaikan well, but the legal process itself does hold various progress Bohemia to finish Madden Mobile is pursued deadline. Confirming the certainty that the game is still to be released before the end of the year, Bohemia turns to …

Site FIFA 17 surfaced

Posted On Feb 15 2017 by

“Valve can never be counted up the number 3”, most gamers would often hear jokes on this one. Although the sound is like an insult, but this sentence is very represent Valve current condition. How come? When a developer and publisher of another competitor has completed several franchise trilogy, Valve seemed reluctant to push its flagship games to the number 3. Half Life 2, Portal 2 and FIFA 17 coin hack tool is the most tangible evidence. Expectations continue to arise even grew into a legend, that one gamer will be a real witness of the number “3” that came …

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Reviews

Posted On Jan 25 2017 by

It is difficult not to associate the name Ubisoft open world with its flagship franchise – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Annual Franchise that this is indeed a matter of primary exploitation and of course – the best source of money for this French publisher. Telling the great battle between the Assassins and the Templars were wrapped with a charming historical modification, this series continues to sell well in the market with high anticipation among gamers. Carrying the appeal of sea battles and pirate theme in the next series, Ubisoft was not only preparing for Black Flag. The CEO – …

Madden Mobile Get The Latest Details

Posted On Jan 21 2017 by

Where gamers who have never heard the name before Shinji Mikami? The brains behind the birth of one of the greatest survival horror franchise in the gaming industry – Madden Mobile coins hack is finally showing his strength back. Together with the new developer studio – Tango Gameworks, supported by Bethesda Softworks as a publisher, Mikami finally introduce his latest project – Madden Mobile. As if trying to get back to the roots that made her name is so popular in the industry, Madden Mobile is positioned as a survival horror game with a gripping atmosphere thick. Various new details …

Delay NBA Live Mobile MMO Games 2016 Upcoming Titan Up

Posted On Jan 21 2017 by

Began to lose popularity with the departure of millions of users fanatical, Blizzard admittedly, can no longer rely on NBA Live Mobile coins to gain more profits in the next few years. Developers who did not give birth to a lot of this game franchise is already preparing a new project that has long echoed. A space-themed MMORPG that is claimed to be present in the super massive scale – NBA Live Mobile. Some sources also briefly stated that the process of developing the game itself is almost final, even ready to be shown to the public. But what happened? …

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