Capcom: No Monster Hunter 4 for PS Vita

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The eyes of today’s gamers may currently be on the hot competition between Xbox One and Playstation 4 are echoed strongly in the gaming industry lately. Sony today admittedly superior to the Playstation 4, not only from the support players were clearly visible in the various communities, but also official recognition of foreign media that make it the best console in the event Gamescom 2013 ago. Unfortunately, this performance is not seen is not followed by the handheld – PS Vita is increasingly worse under the pressure of the Nintendo 3DS. Hope to get back the rights to franchise the past they were superb – Monster Hunter also increasingly nil. Capcom released a statement that would make many gamers PS Vita despair and visit  gamezhacktool .

Lacking the support of exclusive games is the biggest problem PS Vita, makes the level of sales continued to weaken. The gamers also miss the return of several classic series that had survived on Sony platforms, including one – Monster Hunter, let alone welcome the latest series – Monster Hunter 4. Unfortunately, this hope had died prematurely. Haruhiro Tsujimoto – Chief Operating Capcom confirms that Monster Hunter 4 will still be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS without any plan to slide into the PS Vita. Capcom current mission is simple, to make sure as many gamers Nintendo 3DS play this game.
Apart from a variety of rumors that had spread from the beginning of the year, Capcom finally confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 will still be released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. There are no plans to bring it to the PS Vita.

Monster Hunter 4 will be launched exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on 14 September 2013 for the Japanese market. Capcom has not yet confirmed whether the game will go through the process of translation and released outside Japan region. One thing for sure, another win for the Nintendo 3DS!

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