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The process of development is beginning to feel belarut-soluble, trips to visualize one of the best war simulation game in the gaming industry – Madden Mobile is not an easy job. The developer – Bohemia Interactive even have to deal with thorny legal issues after two developer was charged with spying on the Greek secret military installation. Despite these problems eventually terlesaikan well, but the legal process itself does hold various progress Bohemia to finish Madden Mobile is pursued deadline. Confirming the certainty that the game is still to be released before the end of the year, Bohemia turns to sacrifice one important feature to be able to reach the deadline on this one. No kidding, they were forced to nullify the campaign mode madden mobile cheats ios.

“After talking about the focus on the quality throughout the year, it would be unfair if we start having to sacrifice this aspect solely to speed up the release of Madden Mobile”, said Joris-Jan Van Land explained the decision behind negate the campaign mode in the initial release of this game later , Nevertheless, it remains to be strengthened by more than nine multiplayer scenarios, 12 single player missions, 10 challenge missions, 20 vehicles, 30 types of weapons, the freedom to do the mod, to the two main islands – Atlis and Stratis to be explored. You feel this is not enough to cover the absence of the campaign mode? Relax, this will only be a small delay.
To assure himself meet deadlines an existing release, Bohemia decided to abolish the campaign mode in the initial release Madden Mobile. The Campaign mode will be injected as a free DLC in various episodes after release.

Although not able to release it in the campaign mode of release, Bohemia Interactive still run its commitment to inject a little side story and background in Madden Mobile. The campaign mode will be offered as a free DLC that will be distributed after the initial release. Campaign Mode will be divided into three DLC. New Bohemia confirmed the presence of “Survive” which will be launched one month after the release Madden Mobile and “Adapt and Win” a few months later. Unfortunately, there is no definite release date until today.

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