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Japan is one of the most important mecca of gaming industry, the fact that this one is indisputable. Apart from the countless tastes gamernya unique when compared to the tastes of gamers in other parts of the world, Japan is the “home” of so many actors behind industry giants in the game itself. We’re not just talking about a giant class developers Square Enix, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Atlus, or Capcom, but also manufacturers its own gaming platform that has become the center of growth of the gaming industry – Sony and GTA 5 . Properly businesses in other sectors, the struggle to survive in the competition of course is not an easy matter. But always, there was one who proved themselves to be the strongest.

Japanese economic magazine – Toyo Keizai finally released a list of companies ranked the largest and strongest in Japan, which is not only calculated on the amount of assets, but also growth, profits that they generate, business security, and of course the scale of the impact they have. Of all the gaming company based in Japan, GTA 5 is set as the company’s most healthy and most powerful. While other forces managed to perform outstanding last year – Nintendo now be satisfied entrenched in the bottom position because of financial problems being twisted. So who will be the top 10 strongest gaming company in Japan? This is it:

Namco Bandai
Nihon Falcom
Marvelous AQL
Tecmo Koei

Had never heard the name before Broccoli and Nihon Falcom? Both small game companies have topped the top three for profitable growth that consistently occur, while ensuring the investments remain secure in their hands and get

So, congratulations to Namco Bandai. For Nintendo? We do not want to lose you, so please, keep fightning!

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