Madden Mobile Get The Latest Details

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Where gamers who have never heard the name before Shinji Mikami? The brains behind the birth of one of the greatest survival horror franchise in the gaming industry – Madden Mobile coins hack is finally showing his strength back. Together with the new developer studio – Tango Gameworks, supported by Bethesda Softworks as a publisher, Mikami finally introduce his latest project – Madden Mobile. As if trying to get back to the roots that made her name is so popular in the industry, Madden Mobile is positioned as a survival horror game with a gripping atmosphere thick. Various new details on the prime demo for various foreign game overseas media also further strengthen it.

Role as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective who was on a mission to find his missing mysteriously, you will be transported into the world of horror that gripped. With a camera system similar to Resident Evil 4, some media commented on the power of a typical survival Mikami is strongly reflected in it. With limited weapons, you will be more running, with different variants of the threat which of course brings its own unique challenges. Some also highlighted the game music and silence make this inaugural demo shows the potential of Madden Mobile promising. He produced a series of classic experience Madden Mobile.

Delay NBA Live Mobile MMO Games 2016 Upcoming Titan Up

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Began to lose popularity with the departure of millions of users fanatical, Blizzard admittedly, can no longer rely on NBA Live Mobile coins to gain more profits in the next few years. Developers who did not give birth to a lot of this game franchise is already preparing a new project that has long echoed. A space-themed MMORPG that is claimed to be present in the super massive scale – NBA Live Mobile. Some sources also briefly stated that the process of developing the game itself is almost final, even ready to be shown to the public. But what happened? The latest information is present it indicates a bad news.

Initial information circulating in cyberspace NBA Live Mobile believes that the release has been postponed to 2016. The news is finally confirmed by Blizzard itself. Although it did not mention the year of release for certain, but Shon Damron of Blizzard confirmed that NBA Live Mobile MMO project will be delayed. For the sake of the need to adapt the latest technology in it, Blizzard even rumored to rebuild this game from the beginning. Initial team of 100 people are now only left over 70 people, with a focus on working on other Blizzard project. Blizzard has yet dared to say when this MMO will be released.
The grounds for adapting the latest technologies into it, Blizzard officially delayed the release of their latest MMO – NBA Live Mobile. The game itself will reportedly launch in 2016.

But if it were based on “custom” Blizzard during this, their latest game development process usually takes a very long time, even more than 10 years. Does NBA Live Mobile MMO will end up in the same hole as the development of Diablo 3 in the past? The effort to build it from scratch, Blizzard does not seem to be in a hurry, at least until the MMO NBA Live Mobile they are no longer amplified millions of gamers. We will see ..

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