Picking The Perfect Desert For Your Moods


Comfort foods are what bring us back to our youth.  Sometimes it is a hot bowl of homemade soup or a cup of hot chocolate.  When we are sick mom’s homemade chick soup will fit the bill.  When looking at comfort foods the main property they all have in common is the mood in which they invoke in us.  When looking at comfort foods we all have our own spin on things.  For the majority of people however finding some good pastries schaumburg to consume is a good and quick emotional fix.


The top of the list for pastries are doughnuts.  These are the simplest and easiest to find.  Going to a local bakery and getting a chocolate glazed with sprinkles, cream filled or just a plain powdered sugar doughnut is enough to get somebody’s day started with a sugar boost of energy.

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Coffee Cakes

Coffee Cakes are great breakfast foods as well.  Coffee cakes can come plain or filed with a cheese or jelly mixture.  A light sugar glaze on top will also add that little extra something.


Cookies are great snacks to have along the day.  When we eat a cookie and a glass of milk we are bringing ourselves back to our childhood.  Sitting in front of the television with a piping hot plate of chocolate chip cookies, a glass of milk are memories many kids have growing up.  When choosing between which cookies is the best chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisins top the list. 


Cupcakes round out our list of the best comfort foods for pastries.  The ability to have our own individual hand size cake with frosting and sprinkles is any kids delight.  No matter if you were the kid that licked off all the frosting and then ate the cake or if you were the one that bit into it whole getting that full sugary experience, the fact that a cupcake invoked this type of response make it our personal choice.