Producer Crysis 3 and Ryse Officially Leave Crytek!

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Movement of silence that actually led to more question marks and uncertainty, Crytek still continue to refuse to comment on their financial condition that continues to be the center of attention. How come? Although they try to impress the condition that they are fine, the information that is scattered in cyberspace continues to show a very contradictory status. Inability to pay salaries, employees who start to move to other developers, and some big projects that are threatened to cancel, all indicate the same thing. Unfortunately, this bad news never ends.

Crytek has been left behind by many geniuses behind him. After the departure of Hasit Zala and Ben Harris from Homefront’s main development team: The Revolution, as well as Tiago Sousa in charge of CryEngine, Crytek now has to deal with the departure of Mike Read – the producer who handles Crysis 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome. This confirmation of resignation comes out of Mike Read’s LinkedIn profile. Read also confessed that he actually has so many ideas to apply to Crysis 3 in the past, especially on the gameplay side. Unfortunately, he himself did not explain much about what kind of dragon ball z dokkan battle gameplay innovation did not get implemented.

And like the news of the resignation of the important man before, Crytek himself also did not issue a response or official attitude from the release of this Mike Read, let alone remember his position as an important person behind the birth of Crysis 3 and free dragon stoneĀ  dokkan battle . Still not gonna talk huh, Crytek?

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