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“Valve can never be counted up the number 3”, most gamers would often hear jokes on this one. Although the sound is like an insult, but this sentence is very represent Valve current condition. How come? When a developer and publisher of another competitor has completed several franchise trilogy, Valve seemed reluctant to push its flagship games to the number 3. Half Life 2, Portal 2 and FIFA 17 coin hack tool is the most tangible evidence. Expectations continue to arise even grew into a legend, that one gamer will be a real witness of the number “3” that came from the mouth of Valve itself. A hope that this time may be in sight.

Surprisingly a prominent site in the virtual world – showing the words “FIFA 17” clearly as the main theme, including in the domain itself. Not just the writing, the site also includes time continues to count down, which is believed to be heading to Gamescom 2013 event. Does this mean we will see FIFA 17 within the next month for the first time? Unfortunately, the site is not “sweet” imaginable.

Apart from the design that may be attractive to any gamer who see it, there are some peculiarities that accompanies this one site. Firstly, it took the Russian domain – which of course does not have a strong relationship with Valve altogether. Second, although it contains a range of official logos and engine Valve Source 2, Valve has yet to confirm any related websites to this one. Although not rule out the possibility that these sites are genuine, but a variety of evidence substantiates indication that this site is a fraud.

So gamers beware! Make sure you do not pre-order anything that uses the name “FIFA 17” in it, at least until Valve itself opened his mouth and issued official confirmation. It’s an evil joke!

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