Understanding The Perfect Recipe For Your Tasty Deserts


Creating the perfect desert is a dream worth having.  The smell of freshly baked cookies, cakes and other treats bring back memories of a childhood long since passed.  When baking tasty treats many chefs love to experiment with different ingredients such as nuts, flavorings and even those secret ingredients.  When I smelled freshly baked cookies in Glendale I knew I had to go in and grab me a couple dozen.  For those looking to have that same experience but at home here are some tips to help with your baking adventures.

Understand chemistry

freshly baked cookies in Glendaleand make a recipe to the written specs

Baking is a culmination of all those science and chemistry classes we had in school.  Understanding how water interacts with a solid will be your baseline to creating the perfect batter.  Next, flavoring is also an ingredient that needs to be measured correctly.  If you have too much of one flavor and not another it can ruin your entire batch.

Being unique

When baking people, love to be unique.  The adventure and creative freedom of throwing in different ingredients is what makes baking fun.  However, you will want to first understand and make a recipe to the written specs.  When trying to be unique you need to understand how to do it right so that whatever you change or adapt in your recipe you know what went right or wrong.


Baking is not just a matter of throwing some ingredients together and making something.  It is also about presentation.  When talking about food and deserts specifically the consumer wants the foods to look appetizing. For this you will want to use bright colors that work together.  Create unique patters, use fruits, candies and other items to dress up your food.

When working on your presentation, think about the theme that you are working towards, the customer that will eat it and more.

When working on your presentation consider the age of your customer.  If they are a child then using bold colors, filling the desert with a lot of sugary goodness and even customizing or personalizing the desert for each customer could be a plus.  For more mature customers a cleaner more professional looks is needed.  Using clear glazes, powdered sugars and fresh-looking ingredients will wet their whistle.


Simplicity is key when making your deserts.  This goes for the actions you take as the baker as well as the end results you achieve.  With simplicity you work on your skills as a baker and not as an artist.  Learning the tricks of the trade will help you increase your productivity time as well as your overall creative vision.

When working on simplicity consider using a low number of colors in your product.  For Halloween use orange and black, Christmas consider red and green and for formal or general appeal black and white are always good choices.

Creative vision

When working on your creative vision as a baker always fall back onto your core skills.  Creativity comes with time and practice.  Don’t go beyond the barrier before you know what the barrier contains.