Winemaking Grows Into Great Career


It starts out with an interest. If this early interest is not ruffled, the vine grows. And while it grows, it matures. This is not an overnight success story of those in the winemakers redding ca valley. More aptly perhaps, it could be a labor of love. It can take years to grow the perfect vines, and from there, it could take a few more years to create the perfect cultivar.

It all starts out with a growing curiosity. A whiff, a smell, something distinctly different from all else. The wine taster cannot make anything of it other than the fact that he is really enjoying this taste. And so a journey begins, tracing back the origins, the roots if you will, of this wine’s cultivar. A love of the soil is cultivated. The wine maker by now knows well enough that this is not going to be as easy as your common or garden green garden vegetable store growth story.

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There are things about the soil that the vintner must know. The reality bites. Wherever he is in the world today, the soil just does not bite. It may never be suitable for this wine, that wine, or any other kind of wine. And so it goes that, just like his forefathers of long ago, he packs his wagon and heads off west until he has reached that valley of the vines and where the sun seemingly never seems to set.

Today, people from around the country are being invited to visit the farms and come taste the wine. Learn how it all started. Fall in love immediately or learn about refining that pretentiously acquired taste. Learn about the weather, learn about the climate, what it takes to grow and keep the vines, get to appreciate it all a bit more.