You Can Enjoy Gourmet Coffee And Still Save The Environment


Did you know that the amount of water it takes to produce just one cup of coffee has a detrimental effect on the earth’s natural resources? All the processes involved in producing your usual commercial coffee jars all add up in putting the earth’s carbon footprint under pressure. So, it is no wonder that more and more coffee lovers like yourselves are turning in droves towards the readily available organic alternatives.

This you can do as well. One organic source is known as the micro-lot coffee michigan enterprise. The Michigan warehouse only stocks its packaged coffee from extremely small and unique harvests. The beans from these harvests are prized and are not mixed at all with commercial coffee harvesting and grounding factors. The so-called micro-lot is a reflection of the size of the crop. It originates from a small plantation.

micro-lot coffee michigan

The areas that are made available for harvesting coffee are restricted. And the soil is rich and organic. Gourmet lovers love the fact that such soil is able to reproduce distinctive flavors that are, let’s just say, a cup above the rest. Flavors are certainly a lot more pronounced than your average cup of Joe. A standard warehouse production is made up of no more than 25 coffee bags. This is equivalent to just one truckload.

The micro-lot consignment is the result of a limited production of coffee from just one farm. Also, wholesalers are being selective in the selection of beans. But such careful selections do not, however, restrict the consumers’ choices. There is still richness in the variety at your disposal, in more ways than one. Prices are being kept constant in line with the coffee crop’s reputation, its availability, as well as other influences that might sway the lover of gourmet cups.